The dwarven clans might not be the most powerful or
historically celebrated of Eberron’s nations, but they
are the richest. The dwarves boast that the one who
really rules a kingdom is not the one on the throne
but the one keeps the kingdom’s purse

Long before the rise of Galifar, barbaric dwarven
clans dwelt in the Frostfell. The dwarves believe that
their people traveled south from this frigid land in
search of a more hospitable home. Stories tell how
they reached the mountains of northeastern Khorvaire
and there began mining great riches.
The dwarves’ mountain home ran with blood
for centuries as clans battled one another_ Only
when Galifar imposed peace upon the lands did
the clans learn the value of cooperation. Although
ancient grudges and enmities remain, today they are
expressed through economic policies and occasional
espionage and sabotage rather than overt war.
Dwarves are loyal to their families and clans. They
exercise influence over the rest of Khorvaire through
their wealth and the banking policies of House
Kundarak. Nearly all dwarves worship the Sovereign
Host, particularly Dol Arrah, Kol Korran, and

Dwarves now live all across Khorvaire as well as in
Riedra on the continent of Sarlona, but their ancestral
homeland is the Mror Holds. There, the dwarven
clans mine the seemingly endless veins of precious
metals and gems found in the Ironroot Mountains.
The Mror Holds is not exactly a kingdom. but Is
instead more a conglomerate of clans run by dwarf
lords with the input of House Kundarak.

Most dwarves who have dragonmarks are members
of House Kundarak. House Kundarak began as Clan
Kundarak. one of the powerful dwarven families. It
is the undisputed master of banking, loans, and security
in Khorvaire. The house is peerless in its ability
to influence the economy of Khorvaire. Members of
House Kundarak carry the Mark of Warding. which
enables them to protect their own wealth as well as
the riches of others who have commissioned their
services. House Kundarak keeps heavily guarded
vaults deep within the Ironroot Mountains.


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