Goliaths are not numerous, but they boast a long history
and have great pride in their strength and honor.

The race ofgoliaths originated in Xerfdrik but left
that continent In large numbers with the rise of
giants. Those that remained were enslaved like
the elves, but they proved to he poor slaves—they
weakened in captivity, failed to reproduce. and died
quickly. As a result, few goliaths remain in Xen’drik.
Although they are far-flung, goliaths have never
had sufficient population or drive to establish nations
or empires. They exist today as they have for centuries,
maintaining their traditional ways of life in high
mountain ranges on the fringes of civilization.
In keeping with their scattered communities.
goliaths have diverse religious traditions. Some tribes
revere Balinor, the god of the hunt, although they
often call him Bailor the Bowhuntcr. In the mountains
of the Eldeen Reaches, many goliaths follow
the primal traditions of druidic sects, particularly
the Wardens of the Wood and the Ashhound. A few
tribes preserve serpent cult traditions derived from
a reverence for the couatls that imprisoned demons;
the beliefs of these goliaths arc thus related to the
faith of the Silver Flame.

Most goliaths in Khorvairc live in scattered tribes in
the Shadowcrags and the Icehorn Mountains. where
they have infrequent contact with the people of the
forested lowlands. Some goliaths also dwell in the
peaks of the Iron root and the I loarfrost mountains
of the Mror Holds, where they sometimes interact
with dwarves. Goliath tribes are also found in
Syrkarn. the Tashana Tundra on the continent of
Sarlona. and the mountains of the Frostfell.

Goliaths have no house of their own. and although it’s
possible that a goliath might develop a dragonmark.
there are no records of such an occurrence.


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