Half ores are uncommon. and they usually live in
primitive communities and secluded regions. Such
areas afford half-ores the opportunity to judged
on merit rather than blood, which the inhabitants of
more civilized places often regard as tainted.

Like most hybrid races, half-ores have one of two
types of origins. Some half-ores are the offspring of
ore and human parents. Although such commingling
is uncommon and sometimes taboo, it occurs frequently
in the wilder reaches of the continent. Other
half-ores are the result of interbreeding that occurred
generations ago. Such hallorcs often form their own
tribes and communities,
The first halforcs appeared shortly after human
immigrants from Sarlona landed in western and
northwestern Khorvaire, where ores were already
living. A little-known legend claims that the Gatekeeper
druids arranged pairings of humans and arcs
to determine if the offspring would prove superior to
the constituent races, and thus be qualified to carry
on druidic traditions. Hall-orcs never spread throughout
Khorvaire to the extent that half-elves did due to
their lower numbers and to social prejudices against
them. To this day, members of many races regard
half-ores and ores in the same way—as more beast
than person.
Like half elves, half-orcs follow whatever religion
is dominant in their region. In the Shadow Marches,
they might follow the druidic faith of the Gatekeepers
or be part of a Khyber cult.

Half-ores live primarily in western Khorvaire, mostly
in tribes in the Shadow Marches. They also appear
in the Eldeen Reaches, in Droaam, and sporadically
in the Demon Wastes. Half-ores do not represent the
dominant race in any region: ores or humans outnumber
A portion of the half-ore population in Darguun
is enslaved. These slaves are descendants of hallorcs
that hobgoblins bred in an effort to produce more
efficient soldiers.

Half-orcs would he easily dismissed were it not for
House Tharashk. Although humans comprise most of
the house, Tharashk also boasts many half-ores, a few
of whom have developed the Mark of Finding, The
house even counts full-blooded ores among its ranks.


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