A nomadic people originally from eastern Khorvaire,
halflings have spread throughout the continent and
have come to occupy all niches of society. They claim
few territories, and they are at home in most places.
After humans, they arc one of Eberron’s most ubiqui•
taus races.

Halflings began as a tribal people who dwelled in
the Talenta Plains. There. they lived undisturbed
by others for many generations. As their search for
grazing lands expanded, halflings encountered
increasing numbers of humans, dwarves, elves,
and other races. What began as trade soon became
exodus as tribes of halflings moved beyond the
Talenta Plains. exploring the world with an innate
curiosity and an ability to assimilate into other cultures.
The halflings’ nomadic traditions made them
excellent couriers and traveling merchants. and their
practices of tribal loyalty made them trusted companions.
However, the halflings’ ignorance of others’
laws and their loose definitions of personal property
lured many into criminal activity.
One can find halflings in all the same positions
and industries that one would find humans. When
the Kingdom of Galifar claimed the Talenta Plains,
the haiflings scarcely noticed, for their lifestyle
changed only slightly throughout the years of Gabfar’s
rule and the Last War.
Halfling religious beliefs have remained the same
over the centuries, focusing on specific deities within
the Sovereign Host, especially Balinor.

Halfling tribes still roam the Talenta Plains, using the
great reptiles of that Iand as mounts, quarry. and herd
stock. Occasionally the halflings assemble at camps
or cities for trade and news. Although a few halfling
tribes exist beyond the TaIenta Plains. they are
typically nomadic and don’t greatly resemble their
Talentan kin. Individual halflings. on the other hand,
live within most cultures, occupying positions on virtually
every tier ofsociety.

ilaiflings that bear the Mark of Hospitality are often
members of House Ghallanda. ilalflings that have
the mark frequently manage inns and taverns. The
mark makes the halflings a reliable source from
which to obtain food, water, and shelter. As a traditionally
nomadic race. haiflings claim to understand
the importance of occasional luxuries better than
anyone. Halflings are also known for the Mark
of Healing, which earns them the respect of most


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