For good or Ill, humans arc the dominant race on
Khorvaire and the most numerous on Sarlona.
Adaptable and ambitious, humans have defined history
in the recent age, and wherever Eberron’s fate
goes in the future, humanity will undoubtedly be the
guiding force.

I Iumanity first arose on Sarlona. i iistory fails to
recount which of the continent’s many disasters first
inspired humans to leave, but leave they did, setting
out in primitive ships. The earliest explorers crossed
the Sea of Rage, arriving in what are now the Lhazaar
Principalities and Qbarra. Later expeditions
traveled east across the Barren Sea, landing in the
Demon Wastes, the Eldeen Reaches, and the Shadow
Marches. Few of those colonies survived.
Once it established a foothold in Khorvaire,
humanity could not be stopped. Ragged bands of
explorers and pilgrims advanced across the continent,
and settlements emerged. Towns became cities
and cities formed nations before finally coalescing
into the Kingdom of Galifar. The kingdom lasted for
centuries until finally the Last War came. crippling
humanity with over a century of warfare. Today.
humans still control most of Khorvaire, although the
peace between their nations is tenuous.

Humans claim most of Khorvaire. Human populations
dominate the Five Nations and the Lhazaar
Principalities. Many human communities also thrive
in Q’barra. portions of the Eldeen Reaches, and the
Shadow Marches. Sarlona, humanity’s birthplace, is
no longer governed by humans since the rise of the
Inspired of Riedra. Nonetheless, humans still make
up the majority of the population. Most of Khorvaire’s
humans care little about Sarlona or the other continents.
and few even know that Sarlona is the land of
their forebears.

Humans bear more dragonmarks than any other
race, although no one knows why. Perhaps it is
because humans are somehow important to the Draconic
Prophecy, or maybe it is simply because there
are more of them. The human dragonmarked houses
and their associated dragonmarks include I louse
Cannith with the Mark of Making, House Orien with
the Mark of Passage. House I)eneith with the Mark
of Sentinel, and House Vadalis with the Mark of
Handling. House Tharashk has the Mark of Finding
and includes both humans and half-ores.


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