Called “weretouched” by many, shifters are among
Eberron’s most distrusted and persecuted races.
People often hate and fear shifters for their bestial
natures, yet some shifters are able to find acceptance
within groups of open-minded individuals.

Shifters descended from the intermingling of humans
and lycanthropes. No one knows when they originally
appeared, for at first, they were mistaken for lycanthropes
in human or hybrid form. Only when the
race grew more numerous did other races recognize
them as a distinct people.
Recognition of the race did not include acceptance,
though. Other races are uncomfortable around shifters
due to their predatory natures and vaguely bestial
appearance. Many believe that shifters are essentially
the same as lycanthropes. In fact, the Church ofthe
Silver Flame’s war against lycanthropes resulted
in the death of many shifters as well as actual
Treatment of shifters depends largely on where
they are located. Among urban populations, shifters
might be accepted as just more exotic travelers
passing through. Should shifters appear in larger
numbers, however, a community’s citizens might
become suspicious. In rural environments, shifters
are rarely tolerated.
A few shifters, particularly those attempting to
assimilate into other communities, grant devotions to
the Sovereign Host, particularly Balinor and Boldrei.
Others worship the Traveler or the Dark Six. Most
shifters, however, follow druidic sects or revere the
primal spirits.

Although a few shifter communities exist, the race
controls no large regions in Khorvaire. The largest
shifter population dwells in the Eldeen Reaches.
Otherwise. shifters reside in only the wildest regions
of humanoid nations, eking out livings as hunters and
trappers or working as guides, trackers, or scouts.
In the ice-covered reaches of Sarlona’s Tashana
Tundra, ancestral home of Eberron’s lycanthropes,
the shifters have carved out their own nations. These
three nations are essentially groups of united tribes.
The struggle to survive in that land has prevented
shifters from exercising any significant influence
beyond its borders.

Shifters have no dragonmarked houses, and the
appearance of dragonmarks among their kind is rare.
Most shifters never meet one of their kind who bears
a dragonmark.


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