With blood tainted by the diabolical pacts of their
ancestors, tieflings remain one of the most enigmatic
of the races of Eberron. Some have truly broken free
of the shackles of their heritage and seek to right the
ancient wrongs that birthed them, while others continue
the schemes of their infernal ancestors.

Most of Eberron’s tieflings arose from the corrupted
bloodlines of the Sarlonan nation of Ohr Kaluun.
A culture steeped in arcane lore and obsessed with
eldritch knowledge, many of its leading citizens
entered into pacts with devils. What they sought—
knowledge, power, and immortality—was secondary
to any consequences their descendants might face.
When the Inspired sought to wipe out unauthorized
magic from Sarlona. Ohr Kaluun fell. but not before
many tieflings fled to other lands.
Some tieflings follow in the traditions of their
ancestors and worship devils, while others join
Khyber cults or pay homage to the Dark Six. Those
tieflings who rebel against their past often revere the
Sovereign !lost or the Silver Flame. or follow various
druidic traditions.

Many tieflings who fled Ohr Kaluun went to Khorvaire.
The largest population of tieflings founded the
Venomous Demesne in the Demon Wastes, but tief
ling populations also survive in the Shadow Marches,
Droaam, the Eldeen Reaches, and even rural parts of

Tieflings have no dragonmarked house, and there are
no records of any tiefling developing a dragonmark.


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